Your dreams have come true, you have aquired some wood and have built a small orangejuice stand.

Everyone is MEGA impatient, so you better be quick serving them because they won't wait around.

Good luck!


Choose your shop design

Shop Design 1 Shop Design 2 Shop Design 3 Shop Design 3


The main aim of the game is to get as much profit as possible from selling your orange-juice.

This is achieved by phone orders and customers at your stall.

To answer a call, simply press the corresponding key to what pops up on the phone.

To sell at your stall, quickly click and drag the orange and release it over the cup.

Remember, quickness is the key. Take too long and the customer won't buy

Time Remaining: 60s

Profit: £0

Orange cupIcon PhoneA PhoneS PhoneD Phone Order Yes Phone Order No

Change Music (Currently: Flourish)

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